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Such things I do

Slow Motion Thoughts

13 April
This space intentionally left blank.
Until I decide what to put here.
80's music, acceptance, adventure, ambivalence, anderson cooper, appropriate lyrical responses, art, astrology, autumn, balance, beaches, beauty, body art, body modification, books, boots, bright ideas, bubble baths, buddhism, butterflies, caffeine, candles, candy, change, cheese, chiaroscuro, chococat, chocolate, coffee, cooking, corsets, creativity, critical analysis, critical thinking, cuddling, cupcakes, dancing, dancing my freestyle dances, dreams, education, exploration, finding my way, finding shapes in clouds, flirting, freckles, geeks, getting lost, global warming, grey, harry potter, history, honesty, humor, imagery, imagination, integrity, intelligence, irony, john malkovich, johnny cash, jumping in puddles, just being, kakashi, kakashi hatake, kissing, kokopelli, laughing, learning, leather, lightening, living for the moment, love, lust, meditation, metallica, mischief, moonlight, movies, museums, music, my daughter, my monk monk, mythology, naruto, nature, neil gaiman, nightmares, nj, nonfiction, oceans, old books, organization, pedicures, philosophy, photography, picnics, piercing, power, power struggles, psychological analysis, psychology, questioning everything, questions, quilts, quotes, racing heart, randomness, reading, religion, road trips, romance, sarcasm, sci fi, science, shadows, shoes, sleeping in, snow, snuggling, sock monkeys, spirituality, stick shifts, strength, stumbling toward enlightenment, sunrises, sunsets, sushi, symbolism, symbology, tattoos, teaching, tenacity, the lotus flower, the moment, thunder storms, tomorrow, touching, travel, trust, truth, vodka, wanderlust, whiskey, winter, wisecracks, wit, world travel, worship, writing, yoga